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26                   HISTORY OF PERSIA                 CHAP.

1.  That of the First Four Caliphs, A.D. 632-661, the
period of the Theocracy of Islam,1

2.  The Omayyad Caliphs A.D. 661-749, the period of
Pagan Reaction.

3.  The Abbasid Caliphs, A*D. 749-1258, the-period
of Persian Ascendancy.

The Genealogical Table of the Kurrish.—In order to
show the descent of the various dynasties, and their claims
of kinship with the Prophet, it is convenient to give the
following genealogical table, which is taken from Lane-
Poole's Mohamedan Dynasties, an invaluable guide to the





Hashim                                   Abd-Shaim

Abdul Muttalib                             Omayya

"i                THE OMAYYAD

, Talib        Abba

Abdulla         Abu Talib        Abbas                  CALIPHS

(the Prophet)




Fatima      =    AH

Hasan                    Husayn


The Election of Abu Bekr.~Even before the Prophet
was buried, there was very nearly bloodshed in Medina at
the meeting at which Abu Bekr was chosen to be the
Caliph,2 or " Successor " of the Prophet. He was sixty
years old at the time of his election, and was naturally of
a mild character. But belief in the Prophet filled him with
a moral courage unsurpassed in thtf* records of history.
1 Vide Browne, mtt, tit. p, aio.
3 Khalifa Rasul lllah, or " Successor of the Prophet of God/' U the full title*